American Coronavirus Response Concerns Many

Tensions rise in the United States as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in states, with one of the most prevalent upticks in cases being in Florida. Several countries; including Canada, Mexico, and the EU; have refused entry to travelers from the United States due to its increasing number of positive coronavirus cases, further evidencing the fact that America is now facing more coronavirus-related problems than any other country.

Dr. Antfarm Fettuccini, who has been spearheading the effort to combat the deadly virus since the pandemic first started posing a threat to American society, again advised the American public to stay home, wash their hands, stay six feet from others, and wear masks in public. A recent poll by the CDC shows that 54% of Americans are not staying home and maintaining the partial quarantine that has been in place since mid-March, which, according to experts, is the reason for the recent uptick in cases. Dr. Fettuccini maintains that continuing to follow the advice given by the CDC is the only way for Americans to stop the spread of the virus until a vaccine can be produced.

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